Under the Radar Volume 2 on November 2017


Robbie Williams has announced that he will be releasing a second record of songs that did not make the final cut for previous albums, titled Under The Radar Volume 2, and showed off the album’s cover, which features the rear view of a naked man who appears to be him climbing a tree.

The album is available in 4 versions. The cheapest digital download for 4,99 GBP to 50 GBP with a special dedication writen by Robbie, prints and 2 bonus tracks.

“It’s a collaboration of songs that I’m incredibly proud of that didn’t make the featured previous albums. They should have done, because they’re amazing, but you can get lost in an alleyway of: ‘I’ve got to write a hit or everybody dies! Lots of great songs go missing when you’re in that frame of mind.” – said Rob.

more: http://robbiewilliams.pl/en/discography/albums/under-the-radar-volume-2/

Under the Radar Volume 2

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