Family and friends

Theresa Jeanette Williams

Theresa Jeanette Williams (mother) – called Jan, is the closest person to Rob. It was her who had noticed an article in the newspaper for an audition for a boy band and took then 16-year-old Robbie for a casting to Take That. As we all know he got into the band.
He dedicated a song “One of God’s Better People” to her. She would run a pub “Red Lion” and also a flowery shop, later on she used to work as a alcohol&drugs consellor.

Peter Conway (Williams) (father) – a comic, entertainer, popular in Great Britain, especially in Stoke-on-Trent. Conway is a stage name. He left Jan, Sally and little Rob in 1977 to take care of his career. Though being estranged for a little while they basically have always been good pals and more recently, Pete joined his son on his European and Australian tour.

Sally Williams

Sally Williams – 10 years his senior. She used to run official fanclub until 2000, when she got pregnant and gave birth to her son Freddy. Rob dedicated her the song “Phoenix from the flames”

Jonathan Wilkes – he’s been the best friend to Rob since the age of four. He was his “flat” mate while they both were living together in London. Now he’s married to Nikki Wheeler. Johnny is an actor, also trying to become a singer. He played in “Grease” and recently in “Tommy”. More info about Jonathan you can fin at his site

Betty Williams (grandmother)- A very special woman in Rob’s life. He dedicated her the first self-written song “Nan’s song” and also a tattoo behind his left ear. When he was in Take That she used to invite fans to her house for a tea and a chat.
Jack Farrell (grandfather) –  a childhood authority. Rob tattooed the name “Farrell” below the tattoo with cross, and stars.
Claire Worrall – she plays the keyboards, the guitar, and does the backing vocals in Rob’s band. Rob about Claire: ‘Planet Claire,’ muses Robbie. ‘She’s absolutely in a world of her own. I think she is quite possibly the nicest person in the world as well; she hasn’t got a malicious bone in her body Another amazing songwriter; I want to record some of her songs.’
Max Beesley – (percussions/piano, on the tour 2003) – a friend of Rob, he used to play percussion in Take That, also did some backing vocals for stars like George Michael, Jamiroquai and Chaka Khan. He’s also an actor, played in a film “Glitter” with Mariah Carey, and ex-boyfriend of Mel B.

Guy Chambers – (producer, songwriter, composer) – he took part in a big success of Rob, writing with him “Angels”, which has become a mega hit (recently “Angels” won the award for The Best song of last 25 yeas, in the Brit Awards Ceremony), he was a co-writer of all the Rob’s albums besides “Swing When You’re Winning” (they both have written only one song on it – “I will talk and Hollywood will listen”) He left Rob after the famous 80 millions pounds record deal, trying to promote the new girlsband called The Licks.

Tim Clark i David Enthoven – the managers of Rob, rock music veterans. Dave is constantly on tour with Rob, Tim stays at home at IE Music to keep an eye on business.
Josie Cliff (P.A) – she’s been the closest assistant to Rob for a several year now. She makes sure that oly the very select few get through to Robbie In September, 2003, Rob sang at her wedding to a producer Lee Lodge.
Stephen Duffy – songwriter, co-writer of Rob’s songs, he replaced Guy Chambers. He’s an ex-member of Duran Duran. So far they’ve both written “Radio” and “Misunderstood” – also the new b-sides.
Duncan Wilkinson “Pompey” – he is Rob’s principal 24-hour bodyguard
The Band – ((1998)) – (in the pic, from the left) – Fil Eisler (bass guitar, he’s got his own band now called iZLER), Alex Dickson (guitar, he left the band in 2000), Guy Chambers (keyboard, vocalist, guitar), Chris Sharrock (drums, in the band till date), Gary Nuttall (guitar, in the band till date).
Dancers at the tour 2003 – Djeneba Adouayom, Suzanne Mole, Nikki Wheeler, Keeley Malone, Kate Eloise Whitfield, Vicky Frampton


 Robbie Williams ex-girlfriends

Jacqueline Hamilton-Smith

Jacqueline Hamilton-Smith

Together in 1996 and 1997. She’s 7 years older.

Mel C Mel CThey were together very shortly in 1997. She was a star from British girlsband called Spice Girls
Nicole Appleton Nicole Appleton A singer from girlsband All Saints. She was the greatest love of Robbie. So he engaged her. A special song about theirs relationship is “Grace”.
Geri Halliwell Geri Halliwell Another singer from Spice Girls. Robbie and Geri spend summer of 2000 together.
Rachel Hunter Rachel Hunter An ex-girl of Rod Steward. She was Robbie’s girl from May 2002  till February 2003


by: AnneL [e-mail] and Radek