Robbie Williams to represent Russia in Eurovision?


Singer Robbie Williams has offered to represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest in a jokey interview to state television. He offer in an interview aired late Monday on state-controlled Channel One has already prompted a ruling party lawmaker to warn the British star would not be welcome, however.

Williams told Andrei Malakhov, the host of the show “Pust Govoryat” or Let them talk, eurowizjain comments dubbed into Russian: “I’d like to represent Russia at Eurovision. Come on Russia, we can win!”

Williams grinned as he made the offer, adding however that he could see his manager “has already got his head in his hands.” Describing himself as a huge fan of the contest, Williams expressed admiration for the video and dance show put on by Russia’s contestant last year Sergei Lazarev, who came third. Williams last year released a single called “Party like a Russian” with lyrics that some suggested referred to President Vladimir Putin, which the singer denied.

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